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Darlington Primary School's priority is to Develop the Expert Learner: the student who thinks analytically, questions and considers knowledge, who understands the purpose of their learning and can plan their progression towards successful learning goals. At Darlington School, students access the Gradual Release approach to learning; one that provides strong teacher initiation, and then enables students to experiment with and practice their learning. Teachers provide targeted feedback based on known criteria. At the end of the teaching cycle, students are able to apply their learning in varying contexts. These students are lifelong learners, who have been taught how to learn. Staff at Darlington School access professional learning that ensures they implement contemporary and proven teaching practice that impacts positively on student outcomes. Close collaboration with Darlington Preschool and neighbouring Seaview High School ensure that students are offered a seamless and consistent approach to learning from K - Year 12.

Literacy and Numeracy are priorities at our school, with a strong focus on Comprehension in both areas; ensuring students understand the purpose of learning and can utilise skills learnt effectively and independently.

Our diverse community welcomes learners from numerous countries and provides opportunities for students to develop expertise in Performing Arts, Physical Education and Spanish, as an additional language. Students at Darlington can participate in Instrumental in Music sessions, learning a variety of instruments as well as joining our school choir. Darlington students play in a district basketball league and take part in numerous state wide sporting initiatives throughout the year.

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